Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Time to Take Up A Challenge or 2!!!

We have found that when you get busy designing for a business add lots of creative workshops and kits into the mix - there comes a time when you get a bit 'dazed' and can easily loose your 'mojo'. 

So to help re-energise ourselves, we decided to start 'stalking' a few of the great challenge blogs out there in 'blog land' and share our efforts with you.

This week we were inspired by the the fab blog called White with 1.  What a great name - so catchy!

What got us immediately was the May challenge criteria ...ooooh Orange, White and Scallops.  Now both of us have a great stash of orange (one of our all time fav colours) and the whole criteria felt so 'uncomplicated' - just what we needed to get the mojo moving.

Check out Miss Lisa's (aka Lisa Greedy) finished masterpiece below.

You have gotta love the way she has used the buttons to form the heart shapes... so much going on, but in her ever perfect style - it has just the right balance. (Hey don't tell her, but I am feeling a scraplift' coming on)... oh that's right she reads the blog... oh well look for it in my album Lisa!!!

I loved what Miss Lisa did at our recent 'Keeping Mum Workshop' with the resist papers from Pink Paislee, so I couldn't pass up a chance to play with my stash of these, along with my new favourite Tim Holtz distress Ink ...mmmmm you guessed it Orange!!  Just love how it worked  out on the resist paper and gave me an all over orange background to work with.

We both had forgotten how much we love challenges ... we loved raiding our stash to find bits and pieces ... it was 'cathartic' and well... sometimes it just takes someone else to help you get the 'mojo' moving again.  Thanks to White With 1... we had a great hour creating these last weekend.  We are looking forward to what they challenge us with in June!

Hope you pop on over and check out the blog it really has some great entries posted in the May Challenge... they alone would have been enough to inspire us!!!

Be back soon...

Lisa & Lizzie

Friday, May 27, 2011

Mixed Media Workshop

Loving us some
 Mixed Media!!!

When we set about announcing our 2011 Workshop Calendar in January this year - we knew that Mixed Media was going to be the thing we wanted to explore more in 2011.  We announced our Mixed Media Workshop for the later part of the year as we had plans to get our techniques/skills all in order and explore some great projects to introduce to our Workshop Lovelies.

We started our journey back in March, when we had a fabulous couple of days with the gorgeous and very funny Donna Downey when she visited Australia and presented her workshops.  Donna has always inspired us with her fabulous creations.  The creative journey continued for us attending several other workshops and doing lots of online classes.  We have continued to play and explore with all we have learnt and now like the majority of the scrapping community, we are 'addicted' to the whole mixed media and 'art' scrapping approach.

So if you would love to explore this approach, learn the techniques that make it so 'addictive' - why not join us by registering for our Mixed Media Workshop scheduled for 11 September 2011 here in Newcastle (or Newy as the locals say).

To register you can contact us at:  Embellees@bigpond.com

We are already well on our way to filling the class and we have plans to schedule a 'repeat performance' if we go over our maximum numbers and can fill a second class.  Don't forget we are always happy to discuss a 'private' class if you have a group and venue that can accommodate us!

Don't you just love the most recent canvas Miss Lisa (aka Lisa Greedy) has just finished (above) - loving that you could just put any photos on this and that it doesn't really signify any specific gender... so versatile!

We have lots of other things on the agenda for this Workshop as we are very keen to see these techniques blend with our everyday scrapping and have you using your already abundant 'stash' to compliment this popular approach.  We promise to be back with more updates and  sneaky peeks as we start packing our kits. 

Lisa & Lizzie

Christmas in July

Yes, we know it sounds strange or maybe even a case of OCD that we are getting organised for Christmas this early... but with our Christmas in July Workshop fully booked out and our 'Workshop Lovelies' keen to see what the day will bring - as promised we wanted to 'tease' you with some sneaky peeks at what we have been 'kitting' up ready for this fabulous Workshop day!

We have been busy with a gorgeous layout - now those who have been to an Embellees Workshop know that 'a layout' is not just about sticking down paper and adding a few embellishments with us... we love to mix it up! As you can see (or maybe not see) from our sneaky peek. We have gone with a very vintage feel with black, white and red playing a big part in our colour palette. Textures include fabric, tags and some of the ever popular bakers twine... oooh and did I mention yummy stamps.... Miss Lisa (aka Lisa Greedy) has definitely out done herself with the gorgeous Christmas tree (if somewhat non-traditional) on this layout....
I (Lizzie) can't wait to put my Santa Photo on this one in 2011 (I can't believe I will actually have the layout ready for the annual Santa photo... and even better - I can search for a new dress for Miss J that just matches our layout colour palette - am I really that addicted to my scrapping - you bet!!!).

Like us ... bet you promise every year  to make an Advent Calendar and, like us you probably end up having to buy one - not this year!!!

Our 'Workshop Lovelies' are going to be having fun with the 'adult' version Advent Calendar.  We can't wait to show you what we have been up to with an exacto knife, our trusty staple gun, 25 tags and well... yep nearly every tool and product in our stash.

Forget hanging out the washing  - time to peg some gorgeous tag 'goodness' ready for the holiday season.

We will be using lots of texture, stamps, papers and who could forget the 'Embellies'.

Wait until you see what we came up with to complete the finished look ... and there might even be a pressie to go with it waiting under our Christmas Tree!!!

And what would a Christmas in July workshop be without us getting a 'head start' on the famous ' Ali Edwards' inspired - December Daily!

This is a super project that our 'Workshop Lovelies' will be able to adapt to suit their personal needs  - and to think... all ready before 1 December - yah!!!!!

Lots going on in this project - 25 pages to be exact... or thereabouts....

We will be getting out the embossing folders, the spellbinders, the stamps and trying a few new techniques along the way.... oooh we see some masking and inking, some use of clever hybrid printouts... lots happening in this eclectic and fun album....

Well, we hope you have enjoyed the Sneaky Peeks for our Christmas in July Workshop.  Even though we are 'sold out' for the scheduled Workshop date of 3 July 2011, if you are interested or would love to get a group together, please don't hesitate to contact us at:  Embellees@bigpond.com, because we can always bring a Workshop to you or, if we get enough numbers set another date for a repeat performance.

Lizzie & Lisa

Friday, May 6, 2011

Workshop Updates

We so hope you are enjoying this week.

After some careful consideration, we have decided to make some changes to our Workshop Calendar for 2011. 

Now, don't go worrying we still have the same great content on offer, but have just decided to move some of our dates.

We love doing our Workshops, but on canvassing our regular 'Workshop Lovelies' the feedback is; "that they are very close together and spacing them out a bit helps everyone with their busy lives and, their scrapping budgets".  We are also aware that there are lots of other great events on and, we have tried to ensure that none of our Workshop dates clash with major holidays or other scrapping events in our local community.

We have a couple of extra dates booked with our venue so we have kept these 'up our sleeve' just in case we can offer a 'repeat' Workshop.  As you will have read below we have already closed our Christmas in July Workshop nearly 8 weeks out from the Workshop date as we are already sold out.  We are encouraging people to contact us to register on our waitlist in the hope that we will have enough numbers to host a 'repeat performance' (so to speak).  We hate disappointing anyone who makes contact and wants to come along to one of our Workshops, only to find out we are already 'sold out' so we are hoping this approach might be the answer.

Having said that, don't forget to register for either or both of the above Workshop dates by emailing us at:  Embellees@bigpond.com.  We are happy to take registrations of interest, but to ensure you have a spot it is important to try and make your payment as quickly as possible.

We will be back soon with some great new 'Five Fab Finds' for next week - so please drop by and visit us soon.

Lisa and Lizzie

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Christmas In July Workshop - SOLD OUT!

Yes, it is true our Christmas in July Workshop is full and, we have closed registrations as at
3 May 2011.

We are so very grateful that our Workshops are full and, that everyone loves coming back for more.  We acknowledge that it means limited ability to get on an Embellees Workshop (for now) if you don't register and pay early. 

As we have outlined before, we feel it is important to have a 'ceiling' on our workshop numbers so that we can provide a cohesive workshop and that our 'Workshop Lovelies' are all catered to with the delivery of our projects.

We are considering options, one of these being that we offer a second Workshop if we have enough people on our waitlist.

So if you were interested in attending the Christmas in July Workshop, please don't hesitate to email us at:  Embellees@bigpond.com and let us know you would like to be 'waitlisted' should we get enough numbers to consider running a second workshop (need to talk to the elves and see if they are not to tired to make up some extra kits and do an extra day).

For now we are busy with 'secret squirrel' stuff to finish off the samples for our Christmas In July Workshop and will be back with 'sneaky peeks' in June (can't give the game away to early).

We also want our lovely participants to start thinking about a 'Secret Santa' Scrapping inspired gift to put under our Christmas Tree and, last but not least, to go in search of their Santa hat to wear on the day.

Time to start practicing my HO..HO..HOing and getting the egg nog recipes out!!


Getting Our Cardstock On!

Beautiful Layout by Lisa Greedy from Embellees

What a fabulous Workshop we hosted last Sunday.  It is so great to see all our lovely ladies come along and, to welcome our new participants.

We wanted to share a story with you about our Workshop journey... so grab a cuppa and read on (no that is not an indication of how long this post will be).

Last year we had a gorgeous lady by the name of Carrolyn join us at one of our first workshops.  She was very nervous and was worried she wouldn't 'keep up' (that is how she termed it).  She was at that stage in her scrapping journey where she loved following the instructions word-for-word and knowing exactly where to place the stamp and what size the paper should be - as she would jokingly say to us 'I just like to follow the sample detail for detail so mine is exactly the same'.  She would chuckle as we 'teased' her about 'going freestyle'.....

In our April Workshop we undertook an Off-the-Page (OTP) project that resulted in a beautiful canvas covered album.  At last Sunday's workshop our lovely participant (and now friend) Carrolyn brought in her version of an album she styled on our April Album.  For us it was the most incredible experience.  Carrolyn had created not only a beautiful album for her daughter (in honour of her celebrating her first wedding anniversary), but in it she had utilised every name tag, every technique and lots of left over bits from our Embellees kits.  What resulted was the most gorgeous album and recognition of Carrolyn's journey in her scrapbooking - she was thrilled, we were thrilled... she has promised to provide us with photos ...

Next to Carrolyn sat another one of our lovely participants (and now friend) Nola.  Nola jokingly told Lizzie at the end of the April Workshop - 'another project that I won't get around to finishing' - well finish the album she did and, she has all intentions that this album will be added to as she continues to document her life in letters and memorabilia for her lovely daughter Kerry (also one of our participants) and her grandbabies.  Nola's album was beautiful and as I (Lizzie) turned each page, the tears welled up as this is what I had hoped would be the result of us doing this eclectic mix of envelopes and pushing the 'freestyle' scrapping approach - a collection of lovely memorabilia of Nola's life, her parent's lives ... we too hope to share photos of this beautiful album very soon.

Thank you not only to Carrolyn and Nola, but all our lovely workshop participants for the gorgeous work they show us after they have adopted and adapted the techniques we strive to bring to each Workshop for them to try.

The May Workshop was great for all involved - thank you all for the feedback via email and Facebook - it is so good to know we 'hit the mark' and, that you enjoy the time with us, as we do with you.

Layout by Lisa Greedy from Embellees
Check out more of the beautiful layouts created by Lisa.  She always brings such a lot of great ideas to the table and has us thinking about new ways to use our tools and combine our crafts onto the page.

The great way Lisa put together the banner on this beautiful 'girlie' version was incredible - everyone was 'raving'.  The gorgeous roses made from wet and twisted cardstock were fabulous and had us all experts at this new trick to use up our cardstock stash!

To ensure we catered to all genders, Lisa did two versions and, the Embellees Workshop kit provided enough goodies to complete both (what a bonus).  It was great seeing everyone's gender based photos being 'catered' to - or just the fact that they could choose whichever layout they loved on the day to complete and do another one based on the same techniques at home was fantastic.

Layout by Lisa Greedy from Embellees
Gotta love those Ippity Stamps on the layouts (see above) - if you want to grab yourself some of these - then please pop on over and visit our lovely friend Alex Hughes at Ippity by Alex Hughes they are great value and so very nice!

We loved seeing everyone going 'freestyle' and getting out their water paints and stamp pads... not a piece of patterned paper in sight ...... just 'getting our cardstock on'....!!!!

Layout by Lisa Greedy from Embellees
Our third layout by Lisa is a beautiful mix of so many techniques.  Stamping, Glimmer Mist, embossing, punching... it was great to get to showcase some lovely stamps and reminding all our participants how great it is to get those tools working for us... again not a piece of patterned paper in sight and lots from the 'stash' we all have. 

Layout by Cassie McCumstie
The fourth layout - yes you read this right 4 layouts, was presented by our very talented guest presenter and 'claytons' member of the Embellees Team - Cassie McCumstie (check out Cassie's blog "Pieces of Me By Cassie")... what Cassie did with her punches to create all these cute little Monsters had all our imaginations going full throttle.  What fun it was putting this page together.  Thank you so much Cassie for getting us to use up all our scraps and think of different ways to use our punches.

Desktop calendar created by Lizzie Smith
(based on Box Calendar by A Little Hut)

To finish up the day we had a gift for each participant - a calendar to complete with all those scrappy pieces of cardstock.  This is a great way to make a gift for a friend or to use as decor in your home.  Here are some samples of what I (Lizzie) have done with my calendar I purchased from the lovely Patricia Zapata at 'A Little Hut'.

I made up my calendar in two ways for 2011.  This is a sample of my desk version for the year.  Check out my use of 'repurposed' spring loaded paper clips covered with  - yes you guessed it - scraps of cardstock embossed as calendar stands.

My second version is a sample of the original Box Calendar Printable I purchased from A Little Hut.  This takes pride of place on my study wall and was a groovy adaptation that I did with my 8 year old DD in the Christmas Holidays ready for 2011.  Again concentrating on using up scraps of cardstock from my 'scrap stash'.

Wall calendar created by Lizzie Smith
(based on Box Calendar by A Little Hut)

As our participants have come to expect the day is not over until we suggest some ways for them to repurpose their kit 'packaging'.  This was an idea we started with at our very first workshop and we have so much fun deciding on what we might do with it after each Workshop that it has become a 'must do'.

I (Lizzie) decided to play with the name tags, a new favourite size in layouts (12 x 6) and the brown paper bag our kits were presented in.  The only thing dictating my creativity was my 8 year old DD requesting a layout that was all purple and black - yeeepppppsssss ...

This is a sample of the name tags for this Workshop (all made out of repurposed cardstock).  Our lovely friend  Dianne had given me a box of manila folders she had in her stash... they were grey in colour and, well there was nothing that a quick reshape with my all time favourite Stampin Up 'Top Note' die couldn't fix, a Heidi Swapp Mask and some pretty Glimmer Mist... some outlining (Thanks Donna Downey for reminding me how good this technique can be and how much it can change an image from dull to extraordinary) and a shabby hand-made rosebud... noice!

Layout by Lizzie Smith from Embellees
This was quick 5 minute layout that had me experimenting with the handle of the paper bag using it as a stem for the paperbag flower and then shaping it to fit the Heidi Swapp masked flower of my name tag.  Some paper bag cut up, embossed and inked gave me some added background, some extra hand torn spiral cardstock rose buds, some burlap twine and stamping - my DD was happy and it was great to test my creativity with limited materials to work with...

Layout by Cassie McCumstie

Having shown you what we did  
with the packagingoff with a beautiful layout that Cassie McCumstie showed us she had made using our April Kit packaging  - showcasing the beautiful Donna Downy Dressform Foam Stamp that Lisa had done up so beautifully as a sample on our kit bags....

We hope you have enjoyed this 'big catchup' with all our Workshop news!!!

Lizzie & Lisa