Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Keeping Mum Workshop - Sneaky Peeks

Where do the weeks go... We apologise for being 'blog slack' and not updating regularly, but it has been 'madness' in the Embellees' households as we gear up for this weekends Workshop.

We are so excited and are now counting down the days when our lovely local gals will join us for the 'Keeping Mum' Workshop.  Yes, can you believe that April is nearly upon us!!

Now before I show the gorgeous 'sneaky peeks' we have been promising, we need to remind everyone that daylight savings finishes here in NSW on Sunday morning and you need to put your clocks 'back' 1 hour at 3:00 am (yep like I am going to be awake at that hour - not!).  Although, we are very excited about the weekend, we know you will enjoy that extra hour of 'snoozeville' and not want to find yourself embarrassingly early for our Workshop!

Now let's get down to the 'fun stuff'... some great sneaky peeks for this weekend.....

This gorgeous album is our 'off the page' project, entitled 'Letters from the Heart' and will have our participants working with lots of 'repurposed' items.. not to mention playing with our stamps, transparencies and a great eclectic mix of goodies that us Embellees girls like to challenge you with.

Our resident and very talented card designer, Miss Cassie McCumstie has come up with a lovely Mum's Day card for us to have on hand for that special day.

This will co-ordinate so beautifully with the repurposing of our kit packaging - Don't you just love what Miss Lisa has done with her packaging - some Donna Downey and Tim Holtz stamping goodness on show!

And, not to forget our gorgeous layouts.

Yes we are going to be completing two layouts that will have you weaving and inking, making some new flowers from diecuts, lots of new techniques and tools to explore in this part of the Workshop.

We hope you love what you see above and that our Workshop participants are as excited as we are - see you Sunday girls!

Lizzie and Lisa

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Five Fab Finds - Week 3

Well here we are again and check out what we on offer today in our Five Fab Finds!!

Find #1:

I came across this great idea from Carolyn from Carolyn’s Homework where she shows a neat idea for organising business cards using your bits and pieces from your stash Click here

Well this got me to thinking (as you do) ... I could use this idea to organise my stash by having an an 'inventory' of my stamps, punches, dies and embossing folders. 

I don't know about you - but I am off to raid my 'tag stash' and get to work...

Find #2:

Considering I love to buy in bulk, along with my bulk tag purchase for the above project,  I also buy my paper doilies (or Benders as the catering industry calls them) in bulk.  They have so many uses and are so popular at the moment in Scrapbooking. 

When I cam across this great tutorial from Jeromina Juan of paper, plate and plane with her no fuss paper roses made out of doilies, I was 'itching' to have a go.... some white doilies, finished off with some Glimmer Mist... I am thinking gorgeous.

Find #3:

One of my favourite blogs is written by the very talented Taylor over at Mary Jane and Galoshes (what a cute name). 

I first came across this when looking at a 'blog hop' that featured all things 'wreath'. This is a great tutorial and one I am experimenting with to finish up the 'butterfly' theme in my DD's bedroom revamp. 

Just love that again, I can use my stash and tools to make something beautiful for our home.

Find #4:

When we started our Embellees Workshops
I was inspired to try and 'repurpose' our kit packaging for each of our workshops. 

We had so much fun doing this, that I continued my efforts and worked on 'Upcycling' as part of my Christmas 2010 gift wrapping.  I was so happy that my friends and family not only thought my efforts were beautiful to look at, but they loved that I had used everyday items that I already had... brown paper, buttons, fabric ...ooh and so much more.

Enough ramble... this great tutorial from Craft Magazine online has me now thinking everytime I wrap a pressie... does it inspire you?  Think about all the money you will save not buying wrapping paper and 'pretties' to fussy up your gifts... gotta love the use of the cut up jumper.. so creative!

Find #5

Over the weekend I made a big effort to put my 'creative space' back into my 'creative space' and, not all over the lounge room, family room, kitchen bench and goodness knows were else I had stuff 'stacked and stashed'. 

I love creative storage solutions that make my space look 'pweddie' and thought I would show you some great inspiration from the very creative Cathe Holden over at Just Something I Made blog. 

Think I feel a 'vinnies shopping day' coming on... or some cybershopping on ebay.

Well that's a wrap for this weeks 'Five Fab Finds'... hope I have inspired you!


Keeping Mum Workshop - 3 April 2011

Thank you so much to all our lovely local ladies who have already secured their spot on our first workshop for the year. 

As at today we only have 9 spots left and, there are 32 names still on our registration list !  So time to 'hussle' ladies to secure a spot!! If you have already registered, please check your latest email (sent today 03/03/2011) as it will be a matter of 'first in with payment' will secure the spots left.

Now that the 'business side' is done... let's get down to what we have planned for this Workshop.

The aim of this fun and fast paced hands-on workshop day is to have you getting a 'jump start' on that special day in May.

We will be working on: 

  • 2 x layouts that incorporate some great techniques.  We are using 'resist' papers that have been so popular and some very special handmade flowers that have not been done yet... oh they are so pretty and we promise some 'sneaky peeks' next week.
  • Our 'off-the-page' project is a gorgeous album entitled 'Letters from the Heart'... we are not sure you will want to give this one away as a gift, because we are pretty sure you will want to keep this all for yourself.  Again, lots of different materials and that great eclectic mix of products that the Embellees Girls are so well known for.  We see ... 'bakers twine, crochet, napkins, folders, cabochons (resin flowers that are so popular at the moment), lots of new stamps... so much we have made sure this will the 'star of the show on the day' and we have left plenty of time to get it completed.
  • 2 x cards... or maybe a tag??? We have our lovely Cassie McCumstie working on some of her 'always gorgeous' designs to compliment our Mum's Day theme.
  • And, last but not least... it wouldn't be an Embellees Workshop without a surprise or two.. love a project that incorporates our name tags, our kit packaging.. you just never know!

We also have Lizzie working hard on some great ideas to share for that Mum's Day Stall.   We have incorporated some of these into our featured 'Five Fab Finds' so check them out! 

 Now remember here are the all important dates/times, etc.

Date:             Sunday - 3 April 2011
Time:             10:30 am to 4:00 pm (Registration from 10:00 am)
Venue:           Edgeworth Bowling Club
Cost:              $60.00 (includes kit)
                       ** Lunch is not included - Club has a great Cafe

Registrations Close: 20 March 2011 (full payment must be made by this date)
** Note:  If course reaches maximum numbers prior to this date you will be advised you will be advised you are waitlisted.

For more information and to Register your interest please email: