Sunday, April 25, 2010

Creating Bits From Pieces

Our aim here at Embellees is to work through our very large 'stash' of supplies and not waste what we have at hand. Embellees came about over a period of time when Miss Lisa and Miss Lizzie kept talking about their ever growing 'stash'. These conversations usually co-incided with their latest 'clean up' after a hectic run of creating or as they shopped for more stash and were having a bit of 'buyers remorse' as they travelled home in the car.

Our latest Embellishment Kit just loaded to our Etsy Store is a perfect example of what we wanted to produce... quality handmade embellishments that were contemporary and used our existing 'stash'.

Miss Lisa has made a beautiful kit 'The Garden' that would compliment any scrapbook layout or handmade card... you have just got to love the detail in that 'tree'.

New Etsy Store Kits ...soooo noice I say!

Miss Lisa has been busy and now I can reveal the two new kits we have just loaded to our Etsy Store. It is so great to see how the beautiful handmade flowers can be used on a 'boy' layout .... now don't think we here at Embellees are 'gender biased'... but as I sort through all my 'girlie' craft bits, Miss Lisa seems to do 'double time' finding just as much for her gorgeous 'boy' inspired layouts and crafts. It seems that the scrapbooking industry is just catching up with the number of mums and grandmothers desperate to focus on the more masculine approach.

I think that is where Miss Lisa and I compliment each other, she sees things so differently... I am such the girlie with only having one Princess to concentrate most of my efforts on - I love how Miss Lisa can take the lastest trend ... like the beautiful handmade flowers and still produce a great layout with her boys being the focus.

We do hope you love what we are showing you... but stay tuned we are slowly working out way through my 83 year old mum's sewing stash that has been boxed in may garage for the last 4 years... we have some wonderful vintage finds and are so excited about what we are planning to do with 'Pat's Stash'... don't worry she is just as excited as she is still creating beautiful masterpieces at the ripe old age of 83.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sneeky Peeks

Miss Lisa has been busy on the creative side, while I work away at the technical side. It is great to know that as a new venture and as great friends we balance out not only the load, but each other.... so check out what is coming soon to our Etsy Shop...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Beautiful Tags

Miss Lisa has been very busy creating some more beautiful tags for our Etsy Store. These gorgeous tags are all hand stamped, embossed and finished with raffia ties. They are just perfect for that special album, layout or for those of you not into scrapbooking - would be perfect to finish or that special gift wrapping for Mum's Day!

Mothers Day Album

We have just added another gorgeous handmade album to our Etsy Store. This gorgeous Mothers Day themed album has 12 pages and lots of beautiful extras. Take a look and see all the details. All pages are handmade - no store bought album here.... I love the fabric cover, the eclectic mix of all different media Miss Lisa has put together for this special item.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

First Etsy Store Items

Well it is official we have listed our first items in our Etsy Store. We have our beautifully designed holiday themed mini album, as shown in our Sneeky Peeky below along with some journalling tags that would compliment this album or stand-alone to use on another project.

And to add to the mix, 4 sets of the most beautiful tags with a butterfly theme... these are all handstamped, finished with embossing, raffia ties, handsewn buttons and canvas wording strips. These would compliment any project or would be just beautiful on a gift you may be putting together for someone special.

Stay tuned we have so much more to show you in the next weeks as we gear up with lots of creative pursuits we undertaking and lots of new and different stock in the Embellees Etsy Store.

A Sneaky Peeky... Holiday Album

Miss Lisa has been busy preparing some great products for our new Etsy Shop. Here is a sneaky peeky at her Holiday Album due to hit our store shortly... we just love presenting albums that are eclectic and use so many yummy elements.. so if you are interested... put our Etsy Shop on your favourites because we have more wonderful items like this coming shortly!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Still Under Construction

If you have found our blog... please note it is still very much 'under construction'. We are very new to the world of blogging and we are learning as we go. Thanks to our very talented graphic artist and 'techno bod' Laura we are nearly there. We look forward to posting the first of our creative content shortly.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Welcome to Embellees

Have you ever had an idea and then decided it was time to act on it? Well, for the past 6 months we have been throwing around ideas to present our love of scrapbooking, not to mention the other crafts we have loved and left along the way. Out of this was born 'Embellees'. We hope you enjoy our blog journey and will visit our new Etsy Store.

Lizzie and Lisa