Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Etsy Store Kits ...soooo noice I say!

Miss Lisa has been busy and now I can reveal the two new kits we have just loaded to our Etsy Store. It is so great to see how the beautiful handmade flowers can be used on a 'boy' layout .... now don't think we here at Embellees are 'gender biased'... but as I sort through all my 'girlie' craft bits, Miss Lisa seems to do 'double time' finding just as much for her gorgeous 'boy' inspired layouts and crafts. It seems that the scrapbooking industry is just catching up with the number of mums and grandmothers desperate to focus on the more masculine approach.

I think that is where Miss Lisa and I compliment each other, she sees things so differently... I am such the girlie with only having one Princess to concentrate most of my efforts on - I love how Miss Lisa can take the lastest trend ... like the beautiful handmade flowers and still produce a great layout with her boys being the focus.

We do hope you love what we are showing you... but stay tuned we are slowly working out way through my 83 year old mum's sewing stash that has been boxed in may garage for the last 4 years... we have some wonderful vintage finds and are so excited about what we are planning to do with 'Pat's Stash'... don't worry she is just as excited as she is still creating beautiful masterpieces at the ripe old age of 83.

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