Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our Concept = Fusion Scrapbooking

The Team at Embellees have finally found a way to explain
our approach to scrapbooking.

Fusion Scrapping
A combining of crafts into one single scrapping experience!

We love the idea of incorporating all the crafts we have experienced or 'dabbled' in over the years.  The idea of stitching, stamping, painting, collage... oooh the list is endless.  We also love using all the tools we have piled high in our craft cupboards/rooms/garages.  Re-inventing uses for all those long forgotten purchases, depleating the stash and making use of a variety of goodies that are now being re-purposed for our craft.

Why not join us on this journey and check out the list of Workshops we have just opened for registrations. 

Click here or on the Workshop tab above for more details.


  1. Hi girls! Wow! what an awesome idea! I love it very much. I am looking forward to the first workshop & what it will bring to the scrapping community.

    Marion xxx