Saturday, July 10, 2010

Workshop Dates Have Changed!

The realities of life often mean we have to be ready to make changes and go with the flow.  For that reason, the next Embellees Workshop - Field of Flowers that was scheduled for 1 August, 2010... has to moved to a new date:  

Field of Flowers
29 August 2010

Miss Lisa up and sold her beautiful home last weekend and if we could have taken bets we would be rich ladies... we just knew that the move date would co-incide with our next workshop.  Rather than put Miss Lisa under anymore stress (if anyone has ever sold one house, purchased the next and packed and moved you would totally understand) we had to make a decision to move our next workshop - so we sincerely apologise! 

Emails have been sent to all registered participants asking if this new date suits, so please check your emails ladies!

If you are reading our Blog and had the dates already in your diary prior to this posting, please check our new  Workshop Schedule as we have moved all our Workshops back so that the sequence remains the same:

New Workshop Dates are:

Field of Flowers  
29 August 2010

Fun with Fabric   
26 September 2010

Everything Old is New Again
7 November 2010

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