Tuesday, August 24, 2010

No Email - we are sorry!

Wouldn't you know it... we have such a great day on Saturday at the Fundraiser, give out heaps of flyers and talk to lots of fellow scrapbookers... tell them to send us an email or 10 and then Telstra strikes!

Yes, at 7:18 am yesterday for some unknown reason, Bigpond shut down all of Lizzie's email addresses - according to them, because she requested it.. NOT!

We are now back up and running and with many apologies from the lovely Telstra Techo, much investigation on their part and might I add very quickly... shame the lady I got in the Philippines was not as helpful the first time around...

So if you tried emailing us at our email address:  embellees@bigpond.com and it bounced back, please resend.... Here's to a much better day in 'techo land'

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