Monday, January 10, 2011

Workshop Updates - All Things Cardstock

My name is Lizzie and in a past life I was a 'cardstock-a-holic'...

Yes I admit when I started scrapping the only background I ever used was cardstock... I remember my excitement when Bazzil brought out a new range... well those days are long gone and thanks to my lovely friends, Lisa and Jen I was converted to 'anything works as a background' movement. 

There in it lays my dilemma... after nearly 4 years I still have a huge stack of cardstock.

Miss Lisa decided to start experimenting with her own cardstock 'stash' and well you are not going to believe the beautiful layouts she has put together to present at our
April Workshop - 'All Things Cardstock'.

This Workshop will have you reinventing your cardstock backgrounds, making embellishments( I am in love with the flowers Lisa has made), ripping, tearing, scrunching, damping, stamping, embossing, painting, masking, stitching... the list is endless!

While Miss Lisa has been busy with the layouts, I have made the 'funkiest' ever desk calendar - yep all from cardstock - even comes with it's own stand (wait until you see what I repurposed for this little beauty). 

Well that is enough of a tease for today!

Remember our official Workshop launch will be 6 February 2011 and
bookings will open that day.

If you want to register your interest in more information about our workshops,
please contact us by email:

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