Monday, February 14, 2011

Five Fab Finds

Last year we asked our Workshop regulars to give us some feedback - you know the 'the good, the bad, the ugly'.  Well thankfully we got lots of good, no bad and zilcho ugly... thank you ladies.

One of the things that was a 'constant' in the feedback was how much our Workshop 'lovelies' liked that we shared not only our knowledge but our 'finds'.  So we wanted to extend this and have all our readers embrace the same fun we have searching out new products, ideas and techniques. 

Even though we still have the tab above, 'Try it Tuesdays' we are keen to now introduce a weekly blog post called: 

Five Fab Finds

Each week we will endevour to show you what we think are the 'fab finds' of our week so you can also start to 'stalk these' blogs, facebook fan pages or shops.

So to introduce our fist list of 'Five Fab Finds'.... with no further introductions.. here they are for week one!!!

Find #1
The Craft Newsletter has some great ideas - but had to show you this great article on creating paper heart garlands... if you are so inspired why not try the felt ones the lovely Betz White.  The instructions are great and let me tell you we had lots of fun on the weekend making these with my 8 year old.

Find #2
I just love this blog - one of my all time favourites Design Sponge - check out these great little tea bags - redesigned for Valentine's Day.  I feel a 'reinterpretation' of this idea coming on for the School Mother's Day Stall... now that should have you thinking!

Find #3
I found this blog recently Everyday Mom Ideas .  You know how much the we Embellees Girls love making those flowers, so I couldn't resist these great step-by-step instructions.

Find #4

There is nothing like finding a new tool that 'hits the spot'.  I love stitching on my pages, but when I am off to a crop there is no way I am 'lugging' the sewing machine (aka Boat Anchor) with me.  So when I came across this perfect tool to add stitching to my projects without having to drag the sewing machine out I was doing the 'happy dance'. The WeR Memory Keepers Rotary Stitch Piercer creates perfectly aligned holes that can easily be stitched up or use your marker to create the look of stitching. Head is interchangeable for different styles of stitch. I just purchased my tool and some extra 'heads' for some great stitch styles from the lovely Chelsea at Scrapboutique, so why not check them out. 
*** apologies for horrid product photo

Find #5

There are just some artists out there that really get your creative juices flowing.  One of my all time favourites is the very talented Donna Downey.  I get really excited when I tell someone about her gorgeous work and they then 'get addicted' (got my own little DD fan club happening). What is even better and I did the best 'happy dance' ever, is when we found out Pages2Scrap on the Central Coast were bringing Ms Downey to our shores. Yes....the Embellees Team were front and centre when booking for these workshops.

Hope you have enjoyed your first journey through our 'Five Fab Finds' and we look foward to you linking up with us again soon!

Lizzie and Lisa

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  1. I am loving the fab five! I can't wait to see what next week brings! Thanks Embellies!