Saturday, February 11, 2012

Design Team for Embellees

We are so very excited to introduce the Embellees Team for 2012. 

While Miss Lisa and Lizzie are the owners of Embellees, it is not just us that keep the 'wheels turning', the kits happening and the Workshops on track.  We have a lovely group of friends that have supported us from day one and great family support.

Now that we are nearly 2 years 'young' and, from our early days we have always wanted to work with a design team as part of our structure.... it is time to announce that this is finally a done deal!

It is important to acknowledge that while this blog post is about announcing our Design Team, the Embellees Team has had a 'silent' member who has been with us since day one.... and that is our lovely friend Dianne Lovett .

Dianne has been a big part of the Embellees Team, always there to encourage, support and help us.  We just call this lovely lady 'our go to girl - our wise owl' (a reference to Dianne's love of all things Owl that started with a gift from Lisa a few years ago)

Dianne is a 'wealth of information' and if you need research done then she is the lady to set on the task... we can't thank Dianne enough for her constant support and, even through some very sad and difficult times of late, this grandmum to many (yes triplet grandsons born recently to add to her growing tribe) she has always been there doing anything we ask of her.  Dianne is an Embellees Girl through and through and our team would not be complete without her... we love ya Di!!!

Over the last two years we have made many new friends and two of these have now joined us as our 'Design Team' Gals.

We welcome Cassie McCumstie and Natalie Bright officially to Embellees.  Girls we can't wait to see all the great ideas and projects you are going to produce and work alongside you both.

Cassie is very well known in our local town of Newcastle as our 'go to StampinUp lady'.  Cassie has a gorgeous family of boys and her and Miss Lisa now bring that balance of gender to our scrapping projects.... yes, we have heard you ... more boy layouts please!!! 

Cassie does beautiful work and with her lovely quiet presence she is sure to balance our team in other ways.  If you want to check out Cassie's work please visit her blog called Pieces of Me by Cassie at: . 

We also welcome the very bubbly Natalie Bright  to the team. This gorgeous gal like Lizzie has a beautiful DD and her work is always of the highest standard.  Natalie has been scrapping for many years and not only is she talented, but this gal is so funny that a crop/workshop or retreat is never dull with her in attendance.  We already have Natalie putting together some gorgeous kits to compliment our workshop themes and they are fabulous.

So, please keep watching our blog as we have many more changes ahead and this will be the first of several 'BIG' announcements to come over the next months.

I am so glad that we have been able to let this 'secret' Embellees business 'out-of-the-bag' as it was just about impossible to contain it as we were so excited when Cassie and Natalie agreed to join us.

So please, next time you see them say congrats and we look forward to featuring lots of their beautiful work very soon!!

Be back soon!
Lizzie and Lisa

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