Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Try it Tuesdays....

Don't you just love the 'net'... all those fabulous blogs ... all those creative bods willing to share their talent and inspire us ... the 'sisterhood of crafters' is truley alive and thriving...

To celebrate this 'sisterhood', the
Embellees Team introduce you to ......... 

'Try it Tuesdays'. 

Tuesdays will see us feed your creativity with some of the following:

  • post a link or maybe 10... whatever has inspired us to create something beautiful, try something new, just made us smile at the sheer creativity of it all
  • publish great tutorials directly from the hands of the talented team at Embellees
  • introduce you to another 'sister - from the sisterhood' - where possible a native local who we love to 'craft with'
  • So you must add Tuesdays to your 'blog stalking calendar' to stay up with what we we find, what we create and who we might meet!!!

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