Monday, November 8, 2010

In Memory of Pat - Thank You

Thank you to all our Blog followers who have expressed their sympathy regarding the recent death of my beautiful Mum, Pat.  Like all Mums she was my best friend, my confidant.  My love of all things 'craft' and my bad habits of shopping for yet another piece of fabric or scrapbooking paper was all inherited from her. 

Mum became a seamstress at age 15 and her skills with a sewing machine were renowned.  My brothers have asked me what I am going to do with the Bernina Industrial sewing machine(or the boat anchor as they call it behind my back - yes boys I have heard that!).  I still love sewing on the 'Bernina' and the sound of that 4hp motor when I put my foot down.  It reminds me of all those years when Mum worked until the 'wee' small hours to finish a sewing job just to make sure we had food on the table. 

Mum was 83 years when she passed away on the 11 October 2010 and, even in those last weeks she had busily finished up gorgeous crochet blankets and knitted jumpers for her 6th great grand-child (Brendan John Hooper-Smith) born just 2 weeks before she passed away.  In the last days of her life, she reminded me that I must sew-up a cardigan she had finished for Reshani (great grand-daughter #5) for next winter.  As Mums eyes aged, her love of cross-stitch and sewing gave way to her crocheting.  She was so proud to still be able to pick up a pattern and make something 'fashionable - none of this old fashioned stuff ' she would say. 

Mum's beautiful crochet rugs were made for not only family, but many friends and even those she never met will be warmed by her creations. She would hear of someone unwell or just doing it tough and, she would immediately be crocheting a rug to bring a smile to their face. 

At Mum's Service, my brothers spoke but, sadly I could not bring myself to speak publicly of my love and pride in this fantastic and talented woman, it was just too painful.  It is now a month today since I last told her I loved her and would see her the next day and, too not do anything silly that night (she was not well) as 'I didn't have time in my busy week for such things' (always was our humour that got us through when it was tough).  I rest knowing that my last words to her were that 'I love you very much' and her response was 'I love you too my darling girl'.  I hate that I will never hear her call me that again and, that she is not in the house every afternoon when I walk in to ask, 'how her day has been'. 

She loved that my scrapbooking and craft not only brought me joy, but surrounded me with many new and true friends, she herself had made life-long friends through her TAFE courses and the Embroiders Guild.  She always told me, that the 'life stories' you share around a craft table (no matter what that craft is) will be the best therapy you can have in life.

Rest in peace my beautiful Patricia Mary Margaret xxxx

Thank you ....

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  1. You really know how to bring a tear to my eyes...yes I am sobbing. Lizzy this beautiful!!!

    What a amazing tribute to an amazing woman.