Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas.....

Where has the year gone???
I can't believe it is the 1st December and I have to drag out all the Chrissy Decorations.... Not really a chore as I love remembering all the gorgeous 'bits and pieces' we have collected over the years.  I was not sure I (Lizzie) would be up for Chrissy this year now my beautiful Mum has gone, but I remember with such happiness how hard she always worked to make sure we had a great Christmas and, no matter what we didn't have I don't ever remember a Christmas where Mum and my three older brothers (yep the luck of being an only girl and the youngest) didn't make it such fun and ensure I had such special things all wrapped under the tree. 

One of Mum's favourite things was to always wrap the presents in boxes or items that in no way resembled what you were getting.  She taught us all this trick and it was still bringing much laughter last year when my 'wheelie esky' I had asked for was wrapped up in my brother's recently purchased/discarded 'Dyson Vac' box... as I had madly cleaned up the house on Christmas Eve I chucked the biggest 'hissy' (and I wonder where my DD gets it from??) because I could not find new vac bags... I opened the present from Mum on Christmas morning and, although we laughed because I thought...'oh my goodness she got me a Dyson' and remembered my hissy fit of the night before, Mum felt terrible that her plan to surprise me with my 'wheelie esky' had not gone as planned - this memory makes me smile because I wonder what she would have planned for this year?

Oh well enough reminiscing time to update you all with some creative ideas and, well what would Christmas be without some shopping tips....

Scrapbook Divas - 12 Days of Christmas

The Embellees Team are very pleased to be part of the Scrapbook Divas - 12 Days of Christmas.  There are some gorgeous projects planned and lots of inspiration so please hop on over and check out the 'free classroom' that started today with a beautiful creation by the talented Natalie

A Beautiful Thing
December Stocking - Opens Tonight

While the Embellees Team have been busy finishing up their yearly Workshops, our 'sisterhood of creative minds' at A Beautiful Thing have been holding down the 'fort' and loading lots of beautiful stock to all their shops.  There are some absolutely gorgeous handmade items that would be just perfect for Christmas so please support our local 'work at home mums' and all things 'handmade' and head on over and buy yourself some gorgeousness at.....


We look forward to sharing lots throughout December as the creative juices are flowing and as you know we just love to share!!!


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