Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Five Fab Finds - Week 5

School holiday time and my job in Education has a different pace.  This gives me time home with my DD (in between her very active social and sporting life) and I somehow find time to stalk blog world. 

So let's get down to business and see what I have been visiting this week.  I hope these 'finds' inspire you as much as they have me.

Find #1

I stumbled across these gorgeous roses done by  Helen over at Scrap A Little  based on a Fiskars Tutorial and, just had to have a play.

Now I know you are probably thinking - 'been there done that'... well these little beauties are made our of heart punches.  Having just purchased a set of heart shaped Spellbinders from Scrapboutique
I was keen to see how they would work out and, might I say ... they don't look half bad. 


Find #2

I always like it when I come across a 'local gal' who has some 'scrummie' scrapbooking goodness to share.

If you haven't visited Pete's Place Blog (Peta McBeth) - then it is time to pay her a visit.  Peta owns Scrapbooking From Scratch and specialises in monthly kits and is setting up some great local retreat options for all us Hunter locals ... 

Here's hoping I can bank a few 'kidlet minding' favours with my family and head to one of Peta's retreats... anyone care to join me?

Find #3

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Even though I love to make my own 'Embellees', I am still a sucker for some handmade goodness to add to my stash.

I just love the ranges that the lovely Haley over at Purple Pumpkin puts together. 

If you are looking for some themed covered buttons, doilies or flowers then you need to pop on over and see what is on offer.

Find #4

I recently purchased some gorgeous handmade tags from the lovely Simone over at Raspberry Lime Paperie (on Facebook).  She does gorgeous work and the picture shows just one of her beautiful tag sets. 
All of these  - 8 tags for $6.50... well I couldn't stop at one set - I ordered five beautiful sets - all different themes to share around with some of my Scrapping Girlies...

Find #5

Early last year I stumbled upon this great website called 'Feed Your Soul' where you can download some gorgeous artwork for free.  My first visit resulted in some gorgeous little canvas miniI prints.  I printed the little artworks out on printable canvas paper I purchased from Aldi (of all places).  I then covered 3 small stretch canvas squares I had in my stash.

This year I am printing off yet another couple for the Mum's Day Stall stash I am compiling to take into DD's school when Term resumes.  I am painting and repurposing some old frames that I have hanging around and, well they are looking just gorgeous.  So pop on over and see what takes your fancy - gotta love a freebie!

Well I hope you have been inspired.  I am going to have a break from 'Fab Finding' for the next 2 weeks as I am very busy with family visiting and oh, yes our next Workshop... but I promise to keep adding to my favourites as I stalk Blog World and, I will come back and 'share' real soon.


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