Monday, April 11, 2011

Loving our Dressforms....

In 2008 I was all about cupcakes (still love them), but couldn't get myself enough of these - have fabric and lots of other bits still to use with my fetish for cupcakes.

In 2009 it was all about the Babushkas... it all started with my weekend bag that I purchased from Kids Central - bright red with Babushkas all over it... a real 'shopper stopper' - you have no idea how many people stopped me to ask where I got that bag - well it didn't stop there - thank goodness Kaiser brought out some Babushka papers.

In 2010 my fetish for all things Dressforms started to translate from my home decor to my scrapbooking.  I have several gorgeous dressforms in my house - a life size wrought iron one takes pride of place in my bedroom, a collection of smaller ones sit on my amoire  and for Christmas I got a gorgeous fabric padded one to adorn my new sewing space (the spare room).  I have been collecting all things dressfrom from stamps, tags and papers for over a year now (I am so very envious of Donna Downey's draw full of dressform stamps - she better watch out if I come to visit).

My love of dressforms comes from my sewing background - yes it is true I learnt to sew on my Mum's Industrial Bernina Sewing Machine at the age of 5... that trusty machine takes the place of my car in our garage and, I have sewn on it all that time.  Sadly, we are looking at selling it soon as my Mum wanted me to do this and move back to a smaller model as I don't do the amount of sewing I used to (thank god my costume days with Qantas are behind me).  So it didn't seem strange when I fell in love with my first dressform home decor item... Mum fostered this for ages and said it was great I had a theme again.. she always knew what to buy me!

Enough reminiscing....

I was so excited when Tim Holtz and Donna Downey brought out some new stamps that featured dressforms (we are somewhat deprived here in Australia)..... Miss Lisa just knew I would nearly 'pee my pants' when I saw the Donna Downey large dressform stamp and she was right!!! I am just loving this ... so much so, that Miss Lisa featured it on our Kit Packaging, along with some gorgeous Tim Holtz stamps for our 'Keeping Mum' workshop in early April.

Check out what she did to pretty up this gorgeous number... I am looking at translating this into a canvas for my sewing room wall ... replacing the crepe paper with some vintage fabric adding some words like create and inspire ... oh you can see it can't you???!!!  Will  have to show you my end result - but don't hold your breath it might be a few weeks until that gets done.

We love to challenge our Workshop Lovelies with repurposing their Kit Packaging, so it only seemed right that their bonus 'kit' included the pretties to transform their Kit bags into a lovely gift bag just ready for Mum's day....

Miss Lisa stamped the image using paint, added the gorgeous Tim Holtz Papillion stamps, some gathered crepe paper and to finish off a button and bling... so very shabby chic!

Hope you have enjoyed this post - be back soon!


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